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"Waiting for what?" James asked, arching an eyebrow. Rose didn't respond right away, but he was curious so he made sure not to yell. "I haven't decided yet." She finally said softly. Before he could respond, Rose continued. "For someone to come get me. Or for a car to run me over. Whichever happens first, I guess." Instead of being concerned, the older boy rolled his eyes. "It's a busy road." Half a smile crept onto her face, and she nodded. "I know."
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Skins - Pure. This entire film was so beautifully composed props to the cinematogapher
Ser HUMANO não é pra qualquer um, It is not easy, It has to be very very strong…
Skins es mi serie favorita, ya que, puedes ver que hasta la persona que aparenta perfeccion, tiene imperfecciones y complicaciones, que nada es como se ve y que la vida sigue a pesar de todo.
I don't know what i is about this show, but it manages to take everything I've ever felt about my whole life and sum it up completely. It's not just about falling in love, parties, and experimentation..it's the consequences of choices and the curve balls life throws and how to over come.