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Shark week!

When it comes to Halloween, tiny humans mean big fun! With a little creativity and even less money, you can create a baby costume that will still be a hit at their graduation party in eighteen years.


Adult Shark Chomper Mascot - Shark Chomper Mascot Great for kids parties! Includes: Headpiece with see-through mesh eye openings and jumpsuit with attached mitts and .

Baby Halloween Costumes, Costumes, Holidays, Trick or Treat

Halloween costume ideas for a newborn baby

Baby Halloween Costumes, Costumes, Holidays, Trick or Treat

Sand Shark Costume for Adults - OrientalTrading.com

Men's Sand Shark Costume

Rasta Imposta Men's Sand Shark Adult: Be one of the most popular beasts of the sea with the sand shark costume. The costume is sleeveless with a dorsal fin and tail.

Turn your sweet little one into a ferocious SHARK with this no-sew Halloween costume!

No-Sew Shark Costume

Easy DIY Halloween Costume Shark, Tiger Shark DIY Costume

If you didn't know yet, my son is into sharks. This year he asked (many times) to be a "tiger shark with black stripes.