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Once a…Cheerleader Always a… Cheerleader | Cheerleading Quotes

Cheerleading stuff and Diys This pin probably includes one of my favourite quotes which is a pretty relatable Cheerleading quote.

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What I wish to tell my team when we got major deductions at states, after having to revamp a routine after losing an important base and using an illegal stunt. We were right under the state champs w/o the deductions :(

Quotes: that change ur input on how flyers are so important in the cheer world and how easily they can get hurt

★ Flyers Are Like iPhones. They're Good Looking, They Do Cool Things, & When You Drop Them, You Have A Mini Heart Attack & Hope They Aren't Broken ★

All that madders it the inside NOT the outside

"Cheerleading: not just flirts in skirts!" (I've inserted a colon into the quote. It would be better, "Cheerleaders: not just flirts in skirts!" or "Cheerleaders *are* not just flirts in skirts!

I’m a crowd pleasing, cheer yelling, stunt building, short-skirt wearin’, toe touching, hand clapping, big smilin’, kick bootay CHEERLEADER!

Cheerleading Quotes — I’m a crowd pleasing, cheer yelling, stunt.