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readers post about predictions - Google Search

readers post about predictions - Google Search

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Hello Literacy: A Packed Week of Learning - great prediction chart that connects other academic vocabulary

Understanding the difference between inference and prediction is one of classic challenges in literacy instruction, in addition to the difference between main idea and theme, mood and tone, and reading versus deep reading, and so on. Some of it is a mater of jargon. An argument could be made that, like main idea and theme, that distinguishing between the two is more trouble than it’s worth.

Anchor chart-Making Inferences not Predictions. Great anchor chart to illustrate the difference between inferences-prediction. Have the students refer to it, and copy it their journals.

Character feelings

Creating Readers and Writers: Close Reading: A Chart Collection

Creating Readers and Writers: Spring Cleaning Blog Post... Anchor Chart Gallery

Amazing Anchor Chart Gallery from Creating Readers and Writers ~ Free make it yourself ideas.

Teaching With Love and Laughter: Search results for dolphin

Here's a model of the Nonfiction Reading Strategy Graphic Organizer. After reading nonfiction books or articles, this graphic organizer helps students summarize what they have learned.

Anchors Chart For Read | Anchor Charts [Reading] / Prediction anchor chart

Making predictions in a story is such an important element of imagination and comprehension for a student. I have seen this in my internship where students will give ideas in a large group reading what they will believe will happen in the story.