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Teds Wood Working - wow I need to get some plans. A friend did this and it turned out great. teds-woodworking.... built one and its so much fun to hang out in. Beautiful and easy to make Love diy tiny homes layout ! diy-tiny-homes.di... (Diy Wood Work Ideas) - Get A Lifetime Of Project Ideas & Inspiration!

Bring the old world into the now with this medieval-inspired decor. A wood panel door is accented with an antique-style metal handle, hinges and bolts for a truly beautiful piece. The wood's natural tone creates a rustic feel while metal decorations offer

10 Ways To Celebrate Christmas Morning {regardless of what’s under the tree}

10 Ways To Celebrate Christmas Morning {regardless of what's under the tree}

Infographic on some eccentricities of the English language and second language acquisition. This easily could have been three times as long... but it is not.

English Is Weird Infographic

English Is Weird Infographic -- Did you know that English is the first language of between 300 and 400 million people. However, only about of the total population of the world speaks English as a native language?

This is beautiful. And it truly has inspired me. So I hope that it will, in turn, inspire those of you out there who are willing to share the stories they create.

How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide

I loved this, although I'll have to admit, I don't think you have to write everyday to be a writer. I don't and I am a successful author. But I think like a writer everyday. <-previous pinner (Well said)

Job 33:25 Let his flesh become fresher than in youth; Let him return to the days of his youthful Psalm 103: 2 Let me praise Jehovah; May I never forget all that he has done.  4 He reclaims your life from the pit And crowns you with his loyal love and mercy. 5 . . .So that your youth is renewed like that of an eagle.   @Ivan Cherevko Brafford

See the world in another way.

This is absolutely amazing A picture is worth a thousand words. Remember to have compassion for the elderly in your life. The person they once were is still a part of who they are today. Remember them, love them, respect them.

"you didn't love her. you just didn't want to be alone or maybe, maybe she was good for your ego or, maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life but you didn't love her because you don't destroy the person that you love." --truth.

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Yeah, seriously!  Why can't everyone just be happy with their body type and stop bashing others for theirs?

Curvy girls are just as beautiful as skinny girls. Skinny girls are just as beautiful as curvy girls. Don't bash one to lift the other up then act like that's body-positive. I think this is beautiful and wonderfully put!

life is an adventure, and so is your kitchen. Rookie chief? Experimenting with new recipes? Decisions? Opening Mail? House Party? Lets face it a Lot happens in the kitchen big or small it Matters. And your kitchen should be able to keep up, from you appliances to the design to your mood and personality. And that's why I'm incorporating nature and life in my Dream Kitchen. #LGLimitless #Contest #Inspiration http://fancytemplestore.com

10 of the Most Stunning Waterfalls in the World

Baatara Gorge waterfall, Lebanon - iscovered in 1952 by French bio-speleologist Henri Coiffait, the waterfall and accompanying sinkhole were fully mapped in the by the Spéléo club du Liban. The cave is also known as the "Cave of the Three Bridges

Haiku for Les Amis: I have honestly never seen a better description of Enjolras than "the sun flew too close."  He was, truly, too much for the world.  He was everything.

Haiku for Les Amis: I have honestly never seen a better description of Enjolras than "the sun flew too close. >>> are you Grantaire or something


Grace Loves Lace Hollie Dress (Long) Size 4 Wedding Dress –...

A Grace Loves Lace replica. Plus Size Boho Chic Wedding Gown with V-Neck by The Faded Sunflower - Our gowns are exquisite designer recreations.