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Les autochromes parisiens de Léon Gimpel leon gimpel grenata armee enfant autochrome

Léon Gimpel - The Grenata Street Army - The pilot Pépète prepares for action: 'Its fuselage was made of a box; the machine-gun of a coffee grinder, to which was added a section of a broom handle, and a propellor which could be rotated.

Autochrome: Four children's costumes: one oriental, bullfighter, Athena and a bohemian, circa 1921, Salon du goût français.

Autochrome: Four childrens costumes: one oriental, bullfighter, Athena and a bohemian, circa Salon du got franais.

January 1927: A young visitor and her toy elephant finds that the elephant house at London Zoo is closed for their winter holidays. (The original inscription says "House Closed")


What to do? What to do? What to do when you can't bring elephants?

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Civil War - Powder monkey of USS New Hampshire off Charleston S.C 1864 (u.s civil war

Albert KAHN

Bosnia and Herzegovina

5 Décembre : Drums, Bass And Guitar Loop - Guitar Beat

:key: zoot suit Dancing couple in the with Zoot Suit.

autochromes | Dad used to do this years and years ago. I wonder what kind of paint/stain he used. It came in tiny tubes, and I think he used something like a q-tip.

Turn-of-the-century Photos that Will Make You Stop and Stare -

Woman in Oriental inspired gown, sitting in wooden throne, 1915 Autochrome process photography (George Eastman house)

Kahn autochrome | autochrome de georges chevalier inv a15221 musee albert kahn ...

Albert Kahn - Archives of the Planet - The world of the early twentieth century in color - Japan Roger Dumas for Albert Kahn Catholic Japanese Im…

a dad took some photos of his daughter.  Fashion photogs of today would kill to nail photos like these.

Mervyn O'Gorman was known as an early pioneer of color photography. His teenage daughter Christina O'Gorman posed for these photos in 1913


vintage everyday: Rare and Amazing Color Photographs Captured Daily Life of Paris in the Early Century