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trashcan basketball

Week a sustainable city should encourage people not wasting resources and recycle more. Some projects like this basketball court sticker placed around garbage cans to make throwing out litter a game can encourage people to recycle in every day life

قصيدة نزار قباني في بلقيس

Nizar Qabbani words at the grave of his wife Balqees

smart ideas for smarter cities

IBM Smart ideas for smarter cities. IBM campaign from Ogilvy & Mather France. Outdoor advertising becomes urban street furniture.

Borrowed it...seems appropriate.   I can't believe what has happened in the last month... To my mom-thank you for believing in me; dad-why?!?

Burning bridges prevents you from going back to places you never should have visited to begin with. So burn baby burn.

Street Painting Through Switzerland Village

MY COMMENT: This would work nice in a carpet design. "Every summer the small Swiss town of Vercorin offers up its public spaces and buildings to artists to create contemporary works of art. This is Lang/Baumann‘s 'Street Painting

30 Missing You Quotes #Missing You #Quotes

30 Missing You Quotes

Hope is the one of the strongest thing in world, like love it is so strong that it can give meaning of life, Hope gives Courage to life. Just believe in Hope, Hope for best. Here are some great Ins…