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9 things I wish I hadn't learned in 2013: "We are the most self-centered generation ever: I'm part of this self-absorbed generation so I'm not being judgmental, just honest. We have become so narcissistic that the word "selfie" was the Oxford Dictionary's word of the year for 2013. We even saw the rise of "funeral seflies" where people take self-portraits at funerals often posing with the dead body..."

9 things I wish I hadn't learned in 2013 - CNN.com

An Honest Look at Homeschool

Homeschool Life: Rants, Resources, and Tips from a homeschooling mom

Homeschooling State by State Giveaway | Great Peace Academy

Homeschooling State by State from Ohio

In this State to State Homeschool Link Up you can link up, enter huge giveaway or learn about homeschooling in a particular state!

I'm bored list for kids (and adults). Summer time is coming. I am sure that this will come in handy! by

Helping Your Kids Develop Their Talents | Heavenly Homemakers

First 100 Hours of Talent Guide; Your student has potential for real talent.It’s time to discover it and develop it.

BOREDOM: Summer boredom busters

How To Plan A Simple, Fun Summer For Your Kids (And You!) :: Free Printables Included!

How to Recharge and Reset, Homeschool Mom Time

How to Recharge and Reset, Homeschool Mom Time

Avoiding Burnout with Simple Days - Sweetness-n-Light

A lot of homeschooling parents are fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of folks. I guess I am, too – to an extent. When it comes to planning our school year, though, I am very much a planner.    Our state requires that we include 180 days of sch

How to Homeschool: Plan Your Calendar

back-to-school tips for the homeschooling mom

Back-to-School Tips for The Homeschool Mom - The Mommy Mess