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Star Trek Premiere BIFFF Brussels (Belgium 15th april 2009)

I'm Catholic. I don't pray, I just ask for forgiveness later.


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Karl Urban yum <== I have to pin this so the next time I see him walking around St Luke's in his bare feet I can go "yea but he scrubs up nice."

I hate that New Zealand gets Karl Urban and Utah gets.seagulls and salt water taffy.

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almost human - Karl Urban is such a problem for me.


Karl Urban as Reaper in Universal Pictures' Doom - 2005

Karl Urban

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star-spangled-evans:  Best. Photo. Op. Ever.  Karl Urban and Seeing Eye puppy-in-training Albus - Philadelphia Wizard World Con 2015

Chekov has epilepsy or something and adopts one of his. at fuckyeahteamjones: The Daily Doctor–Monday, 6 July

Good Omens — Laid back and gorgeous.

Good Omens — Laid back and gorgeous.

Karl Urban...attempting David Tennant hair. APPROVE. CHECK CHECK CHECK.

Karl Urban has David Tennant hair.- "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not The Doctor" <-- I was about to pin this to doctor who and I realized that this is not David Tennant