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Bangkok, Thailand Nov 22, 2015 Unidentified people at Chatuchak Park, the public park in Chatuchak district, It is also the name of the Bangkok Metro station that lies under the park. - stock photo

Public Park Of Bangkok Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors

Stunning underground art In Stockholm’s metro station

Stunning underground art In Stockholm’s metro station

The Art Nouveau entrance of Abbesses metro station, designed by Hector Guimard, Paris.

Day Ten

Hector Guimard’s original Art Nouveau entrance of the Paris Métro in Abbesses station An era of art and architecture Fascinating Facts About the Belle Époque)

Ile de la Cité, Cité Metro Station, Paris IV

This is Cité Metro Station in the Ile de la Cité area of Paris. The parisian metro is by no means the best underground system in the world, but in terms of culture, it oozes with nostalgia of the days of old.

The Metro system that we used to get around Paris

Entrance to the Metro at Reaumur-Sebastopol, Paris >>> Art Nouveau at its finest, in this entrance to a Metro station.

The Most Inspiring Metro Stations around the World, Komsomolskaya Station, Moscow (Russia) #Travel #Russia #Metro

TOP 10 Things to do in Moscow

The Most Inspiring Metro Stations around the World, Komsomolskaya Station (visited augustus

Hell's Mouth - Solna Metro Station, Stockholm, Sweden

Hell's Mouth - Solna Metro Station, Stockholm, Sweden in partnership with SL to drive summer card renewals

glass globe at metro station, kastrup airport, copenhagen..the happiest place on earth.

Hand-Blown Art Glass Globe In The Metro Station At Kastrup Airport

Naples, Italy - Metro Art Stations (subways) are are a great place to explore;  several artists, designers, and architects have contributed;  this one is the 13th Art Station – the Toledo Metro Station – designed by Oscar Tusquets Blanca

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Napoli's Toledo metro station covered in a sea of blue bisazza mosaics, Italy

Cavernous Budapest metro stations feature concrete lattice overhead.

Built by sporaarchitects in Budapest, Hungary with date Images by Tamás Bujnovszky. These two metro stations are part of the most important infrastructure project currently in Budapest, the metro .

underground6 Metro Station – St. Petersburg, Russia

What I Just Discovered Underground In These 15 Places Blew My Mind. I Can’t Believe These Exist… WOAH.

The Most Beautiful Metro Stations in the world-Kievskaya, Mayakovskaya And Park Pobedy Stations, Moscow, Russia (pictured).

Metro station in Moscow, Russia... Looks different than the one in Philly!

Volga river cruise Moscow – St Petersburg

metro station in Moscow, Russia. The deepest most beautiful metro stations in the world. Seeing Moscow metro stations is as good as visiting an art museum.

metro graffiti, paris          "Seems, there are no any other points. Just love your journey." -- Vs.

Spécial dédicace aux bavards

Not your average subway...Palais royal Metro station, Paris - France

Not your average subway.Palais royal Metro station, Paris - France Used this street subway many times.