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Store bobby pins in a cleaned-out Tic Tac container. | 24 Cool And Inexpensive Bobby Pin DIYs

new use for a tic tac box.I have a tic tac container that now has bobby pins in it, but I never seem to have the container near where I find the pins. Maybe I need lots of tic tac containers or maybe just girls who don't leavevbobby pins everywhere!

Make a magnetic tape home for wayward bobby pins.

Love this idea! Magnetic strip: bobby pin saver inside the drawer. why have I never thought of this? bobby pins are attacking the house.

FINALLY #bobbypins #ocd #organized  Magnet on the drawer

thousands of DIY tutorials Bobby pins on a magnetic strip in a drawer! Need these all over my house! Bobby pins are everyw.

Now that winter break is here, it's time to travel! Packing hacks can really help make your travel plans a little less stressful. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, here are 11 packing hacks to help make your trip a bit easier! 1. Store Q-tips in...

11 Packing Hacks You Didn't Know About

Safely pack your razor with a binder clip & 13 more travel hacks to make life easier when traveling - one time I didn't and I was rummaging in the dark. The next morning I had blood all over me because I'd cut my fingers and didn't even know.

*DIY - this would be perfect for make-up and make-up brushes, just use some larger jars!! love!

16 DIY Makeup Organization Ideas

DIY Makeup Storage and Organizing - DIY: Repurposed Candle Jar Storage - Awesome Ideas and Dollar Stores Hacks for Some Seriously Great Organizers For Small Spaces - Box and Vanity Ideas as well as Ea

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I like this creative idea to organize the shoes. it reuses the wire hanger. It is easier for me to select shoes when I dress up. Most importantly, it is not time consuming to organize the shoes. Shoes are pairs. It's headache to look for the other one.


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Why didn't I think of that? Not that I use much coffee creamer, but it is a good idea. A great way to re-use this coffee creamer bottle. Store sugar, dry beans, snacks, the fillers are endless. Great spout for pouring or easy twist off top.

Is your makeup all over the place and you can feel like you can never get it organized?  This blog will show you a few simple ways to organize your makeup so your never scrambling to find that brush or color again.

10 Creative Makeup Organization Ideas

DIY drawer organizer -- I should do this for my make-up and hair-accessory drawers in the bathroom. I adore this idea. And it's nearly a free DIY

The Style and Go® Hair Care Valet is a wall mounted cabinet with a built-in power source that lets you use your hair appliances from the same place you s

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