This is a piece I submitted to Lucas Film's Star Wars: Clone Wars competition a few months ago. This baby put me behind my sleep schedule about a full day and made me a $1000! Thank you Star Wars! ...

Sith Marauder 5 hours with PS The pose was based on one of Travis Charest's artworks

KotoR: Rohlan Dyre by *SteveArgyle on deviantART

Check out the Mandalorian Crusader Rohlan Dyre by Steve Argyle! Rohlan was once a commander who fought in the early skirmishes of the Mandalorian Wars.

Republic commando

AKA or Sev, with his Interchangeable Weapon System, or "Deece", in sniper rifle configuration BBY)

Republic Zombie Commando by ChrispyDee on deviantART

There is only one thing more frightening then a Zombie clone trooper.a ZOMBIE COMMANDO! This guy here was a proud member of the republic until he got.



Lord Scourge & a Chiss Jedi Knight

Lord Scourge and a Chiss Jedi Knight from Star Wars the Old Republic MMO. I will always be sith.