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Jamie Hewlett - Cult comic artist, designer and co-creator of virtual band Gorillaz. Jamie studied Graphic Design at Northbrook between 1985 and He is now one of the world’s most innovative and respected artist and designers.

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Jamie Hewlett - Murdoch [Gorillaz]

ah Murdoc Niccals. Brilliant bass player, mad genius, asshole and narcissist.

Although she's a comic book character, I wish I had half her confidence.

Tank Girl

Tank Girl, the character created by writer Alan Martin and artist Jamie Hewlett, first saw print as a comic strip in The British series, original.

killedbydroness: «Не понимаю, Лапша сделал YouTube видео?  »

killedbydroness: «Не понимаю, Лапша сделал YouTube видео? »