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"Actually that's the point I usually stop laughing but everyone else thinks it's funny." - Lisa

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*Sisters* I had the greatest friend when I was a little kid and I got to keep her for the rest of my life. Pinned by the women's health app.

Sometime being with your best friend, is all the therapy you need-best friend quotes

From ancient legends to popular movies, friendship has been this all-time classic subject & Birthday Wishes Expert has some pinnable images to remind us what it means to have a friend.

Happy b day

Dress Up for your birthday. I am putting on a party dress for every birthday I have left. And I am celebrating "party week!


Friends come and go, and so does a best friend. But best friends will always find their way back. Capoccia , true story for us!

The three best friends.. J.A.E. <3 I cant imagine my life without them. I am very fortunate to have them in my life. One of the best thing to have happened in 2015; the other was having my family back together for a while! -J

List of top 10 best friendship quotes

List of top 10 best friendship quotes Friendship is one of the most beautiful relation in this world. Just think for a moment what would have become of you if you had no friends, you’l…

I Can Never Control My Laughter and That's Who I Am

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Behind every successful women is a best friend given her crazy ideas. (I'm the best friend that gives the crazy ideas, that become memories and life long stories)

Can't remember who's the bad influence.

"We've been friends for so long I can't remember which is the bad influence." Friendship quote with funny old ladies.