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He said how we all feel hahaha

"(gif set) Jared Padalecki's Perfect Hair" My hair used to be that way before I had my son. Idc what you say, pregnancy changes your hair.

"I'm Batman. So awesome! XD Sam really is Batman- at least- he's ripped enough to be.

Cas wtf I want one

This is something I need in my life. (Parody of THIS meme)

And that sums me up while watching supernatural.

This is how a fangirl would be like if they met Dean and Sam. And if Dean and Sam were helping them as well.>>So Cas is a fangirl?

Aww, poor Explorer.  I'm still a loyalist... mostly. lol

im laughing so hard this is genius. Poor internet explorer<<<< he IS the slow one

Edited for language

The family shirt. :)<< yeah saving shoulders, covering things, the family shirt.

Season 3-4 Sam

Frozen's "Let it Go" meets.Dean in the last scene.<<< right when I thought Sammy couldn't get anymore perfect<<<<< I can't breathe