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It took me a few minutes to notice the toilet paper roll

you had one job - why is the toilet paper roll in the bath tub?

Five-Minute Abs, Literally!

Bros: Five-Minute Abs, Literally!

Funny pictures about Ab enhancer. Oh, and cool pics about Ab enhancer. Also, Ab enhancer photos.

"Can you open up another register?"

Dumb Girl Shopping Waits In Line Behind Mannequins: This is hilarious. The girl was waiting in line behind mannequins for five minutes before she finally realiz

Robinet FAIL

Uber sink fail - You Had One Job

Seriously cannot stop laughing. He said jay z not no dr. and beyonce aint no preacher wife lol

This is so random lol Celebs as ordinary people // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

My OCD just started screaming. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evilness At His Finest

I don't have OCD and these would bug me. Here are a few annoying things that would drive anyone with OCD insane.

Evil Starbucks plan


That's so awesomely evil!

The 38 Funniest Fails You’ve Ever Seen… #6 Is Criminally Negligent.

Funny pictures about Scurity Level ? Maximum, tagged with level, maximum, security posted in Gags


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 90 Pics<<<<But just imagine the work it took that guy. waiting for each ipad to be free. sending the photo to every ipad.

21 People Who Should Be Fired Immediately

21 People Who Should Be Fired Immediately

*deep inhale* *exhale* *walks calmly round corner* *impersonates Kylo Ren, creating a lot of noise (and shock from onlookers)* *comes back around corner* no I'm cool

I Myth You ...

A Happy Father and Son Reunion - So true! I love Mythbusters!

We have rounded up some pictures taken at the right time that will make you look twice.

We have rounded up some pictures taken at the right time that will makyou look twice.

For when you're having a really bad day...

Here are some geeks who might be having a really bad day. Though the guy in the ground is from a movie. my favorite has to be the lanyard one!


If candies had honest slogans.These are awesome! Milk flavored paper covered in chocolate and cement for your teeth!

30 Architects Who Had One Job And Still Failed

30 Architects Who Had One Job And Still Failed

The one with the windowless curtains reminds me of when I was on a stage with curtains that lead to a wall. So ever time the group I was with and I played tag, we would open the curtains and run into them while yelling "NARNIA"*smack*

I know you've been there, too!

Best photos of the week (61 photos)

Sleeping with chronic pain. I had to laugh out loud. Some nights I can't sleep in the same way I did the night before.