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Désiré sur Steam

Désiré on Steam

This is an authentic Modest Advantage xbox one controller with a full color changing LED mod, including the shell underglow. If you have any questions feel free to message me. More of our work can be seen in our instagram gallery (modestadvantage)

Xbox One Controller Full color changing LED mod

I've always wanted to do this. Now I just want to rent out a theater and play games with people.

Best photos of the week (70 Photos)

When mom tells you to go outside and play. Grab some lawn chairs, Nintendo, Mario Kart, controllers and a projector. Make the best of it. Made you smile today.

Accurate!! I get so caught up in side quests sometimes that I want to go back to the main story, but then I end up doing another side quest..!

Video Game Memes: "What you want me to catch your 10 chickens? World destroying darkness can wait!

elder scrolls facts - Google Search

I've only played Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. I want to play Redguard and Battlespire

Truth is, I'm not a "girl gamer," I'm just a gamer and, yes, I always want to talk about video games and the game industry. I don't pretend to be a badass, I just really, really enjoy it.

13 Things Only Gamer Girls Know To Be True

Describe the difference between girl gamers and boy gamers other than the obvious, they are different genders.

Playstation 4 - Next Gen console that I look foward to getting for X-mas or my birthday which is less than a month apart

Best Buy: Playstation 4 Possibly In Stock Tonight

Sony announced its upcoming gaming console PlayStation 4 on February After the launch, Sony received huge pre-orders for the PlayStation

I Would Definitely Play This Game

Funny pictures about I would totally play this game. Oh, and cool pics about I would totally play this game. Also, I would totally play this game.

I can just hear her going "haha, it's just not fair! I pressed jump! I know I did! Hehehaaha!"

Bloodborne's New DLC Got Me Like

I can just hear her going "haha, it's just not fair! I pressed jump!"<---lol so true! I'm looking at you sans you annoying final boss!