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Tom Hiddleston - Loki

Lol, Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth were meant to be brothers anyways. Love these two. >> Tom said that Chris is his brother from another mother and Chris said that he and his brothers adopted him into the family :)

Tom Hiddleston ~ "He called me pretty."

Tom Hiddleston is hilarious

Tom Hiddleston ~ "He called me pretty." I can't stop laughing; his expression is so adorable.

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Oh Tom, you lovable thing ^^


This is funny. Reporters usually ask celebrities what brand their clothes are by just simply asking, 'What are you wearing? And Tom's answer was hilarious. "I'm wearing a suit"? Lol~ he didn't answer it wrong though. He WAS wearing a suit.

Guyyyyssss.... An army of Tom Hiddlestons....? Are you thinking what I'm thinking....? :D

An army of Tom Hiddleston's would be heaven. how many times could he duplicate?

Thor and Loki being manly

"Tom taught me Yoga. We were doing yoga and I said, "No man, Natalie Portman's gonna be here in a sec. Let's go break something!" - Chris "Yes, let's go throw ourselves through a tree!

Loki is pleased... - http://geekstumbles.com/funny/lolsnaps/loki-is-pleased/

Ahe’ey - Sky Falling (An Original Novel - Part 1

Tom Hiddleston as Loki. I like it that the guy yelling, made Tom break character. His smile.so cute.

funny-Loki-Tom-Hiddelston-tall ::  Shit, watch out Josh.  He meets my height requirement....

That’s the way Loki says it…

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Tom Hiddleston - War Horse I watched this movie last night. Seeing that scene tore my heart to pieces. See, there it is on the ground.