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Repercussão da foto do PM dando comida ao cachorro - Penápolis - SP

Amor de Madre por @Jotansky

Just Going for a Walk: Son on Leash, Poodle Riding Piggyback.: Ok what's going on here? Did this woman lose her mind? And how did the dog get in th

This is Panchita, a Galapagos sea lion. Panchita was caught up in a net, which left deep cuts all over her body. She managed to make it to this hotel where animal advocates nursed her back to health for 3 months. Panchita, now pregnant and expecting her baby sea lion any day, goes out to sea every day and then returns to the hotel to rest.

Galapagos Sea Lion Panchita naps by a hotel pool. Panchita the Seal was nursed back to health at a nearby hotel after she was found caught in a fishing net. She now returns from the sea daily to visit the hotel and rest.

Yellow Labs

33 Funny Dogs That Will Do Whatever It Takes To Sit Wherever They Fit. is Hilarious!

I feel calmer already!

Ma'am, calm down, I'm doing all I can. Ma'am, calm down, I have no idea what I'm doing Ma'am calm down I'm doing all I can rru have no idea what

its sad but its true

this might be the saddest thing I've ever seen. Aww :( :( :( :( :( :( that is so heartwarming, but the saddest thing ever! :( :( it makes tears well up in my eyes just looking at it.

The amount of restraint it would take me to follow the posted rule.... Ugh!!!

Funny pictures about Air Force dog. Oh, and cool pics about Air Force dog. Also, Air Force dog.

I'm dog - Win Picture

Dolphin gives dogs a close encounter – When making new friends at sea is an amazing experience. This is a memory to cherish for the dogs and the dolphin.

Meet Keon - the dog with the longest tail in the whole world!

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