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Kids:  If you see a tornado, don't just stand there making a recording of it. Tornadoes are dangerous!  So, get down into your basement with your family as fast as you can!  Also, stay away from windows and get under a sturdy table for protection.

Immense Power, totally unaware of our presence, in the scheme of life.Primordial might, that is far more tame than a mere 50 million years ago.

Awesome epicness!!!!!

Ship-cloud, which belongs to the dark entities radiate intense low-frequency fields !What is the darker energy, it is sinister cloud and stronger storms, that gushes.

Let There Be Light ! by sorin petculescu Lovely sun through clouds. ray sunlight photography sky

My favorite :) I always thought they were slides from heaven to earth when I was a kid.when my brother passed away, I would see the sun rays and think that he was shining his light on to me from heaven.pinned my Our Zakarya