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Worthwhile - Category

Worthwhile - Category


Marc LeBihan lace and eyelet vest. How utterly beautiful but of course, I would wear it under something Rick Owens and black.

the dress!

Japanese Craft Book: Tale of a failed project

Pronovias 2016. 2nd Bridal Dress! Black + White Weddings // Aisle Perfect

Stunning Pronovias Cocktail Dresses 2016 Collection

BashofuDress1  Cloth from the Ryukyu Islands, or Okinawa as it is now called, is some of the most admired and prized cloth in the Japanese cultural sphere.  Of the several types of traditional textiles produced in Okinawa–Miyako jofu, bingata, hana ori–it is bashofu, or cloth woven from fibers taken from the banana leaf stem, which is the most widely known.

A Resist Dyed Bashofu “Kimono Dress”: Okinawan Banana Fiber Cloth (Bashofu shows very distinctive characteristics: it is lightweight, almost translucent and extremely durable)

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