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To doubt, to question what you have been taught to believe, is healthy. To doubt & to question is the continuation of learning, helping yourself to understand what you believe and why.

yes. because if you have reason you won't need to be vicious in order to make your point. quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons

Nelson Mandela's Most Insightful Quotes

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"avoid head trash…" This is what I do everyday. And I love my Joyce Ann and Mikey Boo-Boo! No head trash there!

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Leadership starts with Personal leadership. Your personal values need to align with the values you espouse as a leader. Moral dissonance is a huge obstacle to transformational leadership.


"If you've Succeed in cheating someone, don't think that the person is a fool! Do realize that you are the Fool because that person trusted you much than you deserved!


"Stop making people feel bad for liking things that make them happy." I don't have time for these people in my life and I've done a really good job removing them :)