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▶ Zigzag newspaper weaving. Tutorial. - YouTube

Another type of weaving "Zigzag". The skilled weaver Elena Tischenko will make you familiar with this interesting type of weaving.

Inspiraciones: manualidades y reciclaje | Recopilación de tutoriales e ideas sobre cestería con papel reciclado - Inspiraciones: manualidades y reciclaje

Weaving holders from newspapers. Part There is the third part of the detailed tutorial by Elena Tischenko on weaving holders from newspapers added to the .

▶ Weaving the beautiful pattern Crosses of newspapers - YouTube

In this lesson together with the author Elena Tischenko we are going to learn how to weave the pattern "Crosses" of newspaper tubes.

How to plait a round bottom from papers.  Part 1.. Link download: http://www.getlinkyoutube.com/watch?v=ioV69ZIvMvQ

Download video: How to plait a round bottom from papers. Part 1.

DIY How to Make a Basket from Recycled Newspaper - Handmade Basket Made of…

▶ Twill weave of newspapers - YouTube

Three variety of the lids for a woven jewel box. It is twill weave.

Weaving a rectangular bottom of a basket from newspapers. - YouTube

This project transforms traditional basketry into a contemporary craft that is easy for even young students. Paper Coiling Core is shaped and glued in layers.

Newspaper weaving. The “waves” pattern. Part 2. - YouTube

The creative group of the site "Pletenie iz gazet" ("Newspaper Weaving") headed by Elena Tischenko has visited the skilled newspaper weaver Natalia Sorokina .