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Type: Fan Art Anime(s)/Show(s): Code Geass Character(s): Lelouch Comment: How can you resist?

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Character: Lelouch LamperougeAnime: Code Geassギアスログ⑥ by 嵐月‭ (id

Another AUUnderfell Ask #5 by ParodyPunk on DeviantArt

*geeze kid if i was really a goner i would be biting the dust by now

That fuckin Code Geass logic

Haha so true! But they are adorable~! (The first looks like Japan with purple eyes, while the second looks EXACTLY LIKE SPAIN! That's Lelouche vi Britannia and Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass.

Vampire knight ,Kaname

OMG what this is supposed to be Lelouch( code geass)? He looks like kaname Kuran! From vampire night! <Omg yes he does look like Kaname!