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How to Grow Jasmine Vine in Zone 7 "Madison" cultivar of Confederate jasmine (Trachelospermum jaminoides), which is hardy enough to grow in U.

Compared to most houseplants, jasmine plants can go a long time before being repotted. Jasmine likes to be snug in its container. Read this article to learn more about repotting jasmine.

Jasmine Container Care – When And How To Repot A Jasmine Plant

Whether you’re growing jasmine indoors or outside in the garden, you may be concerned when you find your jasmine not flowering. Read this article to find out why you’re growing a jasmine with no blooms.

Jasminum Sambac does not refer to a specific plant, more or less it is a group of closely related plants. I would like to explain some of the key differences in the more common varieties but as of yet the primary differences lay in the flowers and my plants are not flowered yet so I …

Variations in Jasminum Sambac Flowers, aka Arabian jasmine. Vine or shrub, great container plant. If plant dries out, it loses leaves and can get bug infested.

Jasmine blooms have a wonderful, exotic fragrance.

How to Maintain Indoor Jasmine Plants

Cant wait to get mine! Jasmine & Meyer lemons does it get any better? How to Care for Flowering Jasmine Plants

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On my wish list Gold Coast Peachy "fantastic smell. I'd describe it as a cinammon with a jasmine/coconut scent.

How to take care of the fragrant, but finicky and tricky Gardenia Plant. #gardenia #care #plant

New Frost Proof Gardenias are easy to care for and refuse to drop flower buds from cold snaps. The most cold hardy Gardenia of them all! Learn more about these amazing Gardenia Plants at Brighter Blooms Nursery.

While some jasmine types are among the most fragrant plants you can grow, not all are scented. Find out about the different jasmine varieties and their characteristics in this article so you can determine the best one for you.

Common Jasmine Varieties – What Are Some Different Types Of Jasmine