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Photo fournie par Terre des Hommes Pays-Bas le 4 novembre 2013 montrant une fillette philippine virtuelle créée par l'ONG
Por favor, no le pidan besos a mis hijos
Everett mother shares tragic loss to fight sex trafficking.  Mother shares story of daughter who vanished three years ago.  #Human_Trafficking
New Zealand Transportation PSA Highlights the Dangers of Speeding | Watch the video - Screen India
A game-changer for the Amazon! World's Largest Reserve! -- SIGN THIS PETITION!!
Veil of Tears MovieYou can be an advocate for the women of Asia. There are millions of women in India alone who are culturally persecuted simply because they were born as girls. With your help, we can raise awareness of their rejection, persecution, abandonment, tragedy and even triumph. Be a part of bringing hope to women in Asia by sharing about solutions that help break these horrific, on going problems.
This company set out to teach English to students in Brazil, but what they did is priceless...
Honda Hands, A Short Film About Engineering and Creativity by Honda