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The future liberals want: sustained religious oppression of women, men taking over more of women's spaces, men making a mockery of women by becoming real-life Femininity (the polar opposite and required support structure of masculinity), sustaining the gender binary status quo (hint: transactivism does the opposite of breaking out of the binary!), and the continuation of misogyny via transactivism (read: Patriarchy 2.0).

The underlying message is not "future liberals want" it's "people conservatives want to eradicate"

The Man-Cave and heteropatriarchy - an interesting discussion. What makes it a 'man-cave'? I like drinking, sports, cars and girls - as a woman, can I have a man-cave? As for the ball and chain trope, literally thousands of people are forced into arranged marriages that actually cause the end of their lives, so be thankful you can choose.

Also, men complain about being in marriages, but most of the time (because of traditional gender roles) men propose and initiate the marriage. So don't propose if you don't want marriage it isn't that hard to understand

He is a conservative.

Pintetest is for pinning not leaving insults debating my pins or beliefs! Do not comment if you dont agree just move on. Or you will be blocked. I love Denzel Washington. So nice he has a brain about politics.

Recent studies reveal

Recent studies reveal that of abortions are performed on people who do not wish to be pregnant and of abortions are performed on conservative republican men.

You really tend to stand out as a conservative on a college campus. | What It’s Like Being Conservative On A Liberal Campus

What It's Like Being Conservative On A Liberal Campus

Jason Schwartzman came to his audition wearing a prep-school blazer which sported a Rushmore patch he had made himself.

I wish this was funnier, but it is too true to be funny. Sigh.

The unbelievable truth. I wonder if any articles link conservative attitudes to sociopaths.

This makes me insanely angry.

Healthcare in THAT country is a fucking joke.<< That country is a fucking joke.