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My latest find on Trusper will literally blow you away. Like seriously, you need to hold on to your seat.

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Trying to figure out how to eat the #MyPlate way? Here are some tips to get you started.

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Clean Eating!

Using the MyPlate model is a great way to ensure you are getting all the foods you need to stay healthy. This link from will help you make healthy choices at each meal!

Easy guide to the acidic-alkaline pH scale!                                                                                                                                                     More

Top 5 Foods For Thyroid Health

Easy guide to the acidic-alkaline pH scale! … – Trick to a Gout-Free Life!

see 1st grade was worth it!

😆 it dies me and my mom sing the alphabet while one checked it its AWESOME

CANCER cells can't survive in an alkaline environment.

Diet Food pH Food Chart - almost confirms that the healthier you eat the better it is for your pH balance also even when combining high pH foods with lean

Image result for l ron hubbard quotes

Image result for l ron hubbard quotes


Bananas contain protease inhibitors that help eliminate. The health benefits of banana include weight loss, obesity, weight gain banana nutrition facts

Benefits of lemon water

I loooooove lemon water!---If you aren't drinking warm lemon water every morning you are missing the boat. Check out the 10 reasons you should drink lemon water in the mornings

I Love Green Tea even more now!

11 Reasons to Drink Green Tea. Dunno if these are true, but then, I don't need any convincing. I've been drinking green tea for about a year now, since about the time I read Dracula ("Reduces high blood pressure" ha!