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The gifted Jennifer Lawrence…

The gifted Jennifer Lawrence…

Jennifer Lawrence is so awesome, she can make Kristen Stewart smile. I never thought I'd live to see the day.IT'S A MIRACLE!

We are all food in the eyes of the dead.

Join The Resistance and arm yourself with the knowledge to not become a zombie's next meal.

Yeah, bitch! CloTi FTW! I just ship them so HARD...*tears in eyes*


John Travolta on Boredom can do things to people. see what happens when you break rules 1 and 2 funny Junk from paris with Love was an Awesome Movie agree me damnit

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5 Career Lessons From The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Humor: This lady was all like "gimme yo shoes" and I was like "witch, please"

Resident Evil seems to be mutants more than zombies. Sorta like Rage, but worse? (My family loves zombies)

Resident Evil is also more creature and crazies & zombies kinda too. TWD is more realistic w/ the zombies/walkers. Thriller, well, we just dance!

Some Dads Are Really Something

Some Dads Are Really Something

THIS COMIC IS BASED ON TRUE EVENTS. What's really funny is that to this day, I can't sleep, even lie down or sit & read in a room if the closet door is open, even a smidge. My Hubby finds it very amusing :)

Daryl :) Random Funny Pictures – 35 Pics

mine favorite twd the walking dead Daryl Dixon Norman Reedus ladyboner GOODBYE OVARIES The walking dead gif a-pathetic-fangirl