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“The fact that Liam captioned THIS with Leg Day. I could kick him in the face!

Liam and Sophia at Carlos Bakery. Life=complete

Liam and Sophia at Carlos Bakery. oh my gosh I love cake boss and Liam I am gonna cry!

It's not,we still have four amazing boys that love us!

They have changed into amazing men whp want the same thing to inspire TRILLIONS…


Liam playing ping-pong is probley the hottest thing ever

(9) Twitter

Liam with a picture of him performing with One Direction

Dats still not so mean omg he's so kind (I never say bless u when some1 sneezes lol)

and thats most likely the meanest thing poor oh Liam Payne has ever done. Bless his heart, he is a sweetie :) How can you just be sooo adorable

My heart

“throwback to wwa tour promo when the boys wore different football shirts and liam looked mighty fine 😛⚽️ - ces”