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Once upon a time and Heroes and villians: good book vs bad book. Evill Queen and good Regina Mills, David Nolan (James) Prince Charming and Evill Huntsman, Snow White and evill Snow White, bad Rumpelstilzchen and good Rumpelstilzchen, Princess Lea and insane Emma Swan, devilishly handsome Captain Hook and deckhand Killian Jones.

Once Upon a Time vs. Heroes and Villains Characters<<< Captain Hook looks the same in both books

How the frozen cast feels about being on Once Upon A Time! lol

Everybody gets a meme

Once upon a time behind the scenes 〖 Once Upon a Time Frozen Elsa Anna Kristoff Henry Mills behind the scenes funny 〗

Neal Cassidy

'I'm never going to stop fighting for you' quote by Baelfire / Neal Cassidy {Once Upon a Time}