Mixing Bowl Gravity Cake

Mixing Bowl Gravity Cake

Bottle of Gin - chocolate cake with Isomalt

This a chocolate cake I made for a Lady who loves Gin ;) Totally all edible and the gin coming out of bottle is Isomalt – it looked fantastic as I may say so ;


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My First ever Gravity Cake :)

I was sooo excited when I first took this booking that I would finally get the chance to have a go at this…. then when it actually came to making it… ive never paniced so much over a cake!

Pouring beer gravity defying cake.

This was our first attemp at a gravity defying cake a few months ago. We had gotten a request last year but we were too intimidated to try it. At our second request I did some research online and f.


Gravity Defying Chocolate Cake Tutorial by Laura Loukaides - I loved the challenge of creating my first Gravity Defying Cake.

Stowford Cider 40th Birthday Anti Gravity Cake

Stowford Cider 40th Birthday Anti Gravity Cake