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Green snake

Green Tree Python Green Tree Python is a beautiful snake primary resides on trees. Very occasionally it can be seen on ground. It is found in near rainforest and colour of the snake helps it to hide itself in the tree branches.

Photography: Green snake- up close

Photography: Green snake- up close. Love the green the snake .

i know you hate them that why i pined it for you ahahaha i love you

The witch doctor sends snakes to Anatole and Nelson to scare them, as well as to scare the rest of the village into believing what he says.


Green Tree Python - The new ANIMAL OF THE MONTH! Me and my sister-in-law were talking about this amazing creature yesterday so I think it fits :) Enjoy.

Atheris chloechis - West Afican Bush Viper

earthlynation: “ Atheris chloechis - West Afican Bush Viper (by thegardensofeden) ”

Vibrant green

Green Tree Python Information [Facts, Types, Habitats, and Cages]

Hungry? Photo by Sergey Nikolaenko .

oliviabeanlove: givemeinternet:a brave snake saving a fish from drowning! A brave snake saving a fish from drowning.

Penis Snake...I'm like so scared no I'm not even shitting ya... Ok, I looked this thing up and it is REAL folks. It is also subterranean and has no eyes. Kinda appropriate, right?

“The penis snake is a strange caecilian from Brazil. It lacks lungs & gas exchange occurs through the skin.

Lmao another example of a horrible photo-shop job. College people, please go to it.