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Proven Winners | Graced with Lace

Everyone in my neighborhood loved my sweet potato planting last year. I intend to duplicate it several times

succulent table:  excellent display yet keeps table top clear for your coffee!

58 Cool Container Gardens

Urn and succulents as patio table Root succulents by putting them in an urn filled to 6 ½ inches below the rim with potting soil, then center a round of tempered glass on the rim. The mini-greenhouse doubles as a table for a lightly shaded patio

Proven Winners | PW Combo 08

Proven Winners - You Are My Sunshine combination container recipe containing ColorBlaze® Alligator Tears™ - Coleus - Solenostemon scutellarioides, Sunsati.

Living Proof | Proven Winners

Thriller: Graceful Grasses® 'Sky Rocket' Pennisetum Spiller: Sweet Caroline Bewitched Sweet Potato Vine Ipomoea batatas Spiller: Superbells® Frostfire Calibrachoa hybrid or Sunsatia® Mango Nemesia inch plants

Flamingo | Proven Winners-to make this planter use 1 Diamond Frost euphorbia graminea, 1 Opal Innocence nemesia fruticans and 1 Intensia Pink phlox hybrid

Proven Winners - Flamingo combination container recipe containing Diamond Frost® - Euphorbia hybrid, Opal Innocence® - Nemesia fruticans, Intensia® Lavend.


Superbena® Royale Peachy Keen - Verbena hybrid

Proven Winners - Superbena® Royale Peachy Keen - Verbena hybrid orange peach tones from apricot to cream plant details, information and resources.

Jim Whiting Nursery and Garden Center in Rochester, MN

Cappie's Delight is a sun container or hanging basket recipe with full instructions. This recipe uses Acorus, Oxalis and Coleus.

Pretty Much Picasso petunia and sweet potato vine...so pretty together!  Dirt Du Jour: A gardening community of passionate plant people in California

Supertunia® Pretty Much Picasso® Petunia hybrid Spiller Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Light Green Sweet Potato Vine Ipomoea batatas

Superbells Pomegranate Punch(use two) and Graceful Grasses 'Fireworks'(need 1)  12in. container.

Proven Winners - Fan the Flames combination container recipe containing Superbells® Pomegranate Punch - Calibrachoa hybrid, Graceful Grasses® 'Fireworks' -.

Petunia and Bidens Champagne and Gold Cocktail Mix - Patio Plants - Van Meuwen: Hanging Flower Basket, Garden Ideas, Flower Baskets, Hanging Flowers, Hanging Baskets, Container Gardening, Flower

Pretty Petunia and Bidens 'Champagne and Gold Cocktail Mix' Petunia 'Champagne', Bidens 'Goldstar' Half-hardy Annual A sparkling combination for long lasting summer colour in hanging baskets and patio containers.