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“This is a corporation made and a corporation governed town, and is utterly un-American in its tendencies.”     Rev. William H. Carwardine, The Pullman Strike, 1894
Photocopy of early image of the Pullman factory, probably very early 20th century. Source unknown.
Railyard Scene at Pullman  Print of photograph showing railyard behind Pullman Factory in Chicago; train car "Thistle" in background, foreground shows 3 men loading rails on rail cart with man in suit sitting on the edge.
Main shops of the Pullman Palace Car Co., Pullman, Ill's.Library of Congress
On May 11, 1894, four thousand Pullman Palace Car Company workers go on strike in Illinois, effectively shutting down production in the Pullman factories.
Hotel Florence, Pullman, Ill's. Library of Congress
Nationwide railroad strike against the Pullman Company and were supported by Eugene V. Deb's American Railway Union. President Grover Cleveland sent in troops to help end the strike.
chicago pullman historic district engraving - Google Search