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The Legacy model of columbaria is elegant in its simplicity. It offers cemeteries with an efficient use of space, flexible configurations, easy access and an industry leading security system with a low maintenance design. The modular aspect of its design enables multiple units to be arranged seamlessly into attractive niche gardens, to accommodate whatever niche capacity desired.

The Legacy Columbaria from Columbarium USA offers cemeteries a modular columbarium thats low-maintenance, has high capacity & flexible configurations.

biowalls - could be integrated in a aquaponic & vertical growing system

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first home

beautiful or ugly? the photograph by Kurt Manley is made so well, that you oversee the poor planting of the small front garden, despite the whimsical shapes of the bushes ; What a freaky gardening!

wrought iron gate for a church columbarium, design based on Salisbury 				Cathedral gate

The blacksmiths at Perpetua Iron hand crafted these wrought iron gates locally in St Louis, MO.

Memorial Garden ideas. Lots of great ideas on what different types of flowers mean

Planting a Memorial Garden

Losing a loved one is never easy. For those of us left behind, creating a living tribute in the form of a memorial garden offers us a place to grieve, reflect, and pay homage to our loved one's memory.i would like one of these on mom and dads property