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Limerick, Ireland... I'd be riding my horse through that open gate :)

"The road less travelled" by Bill Power on - This road less travelled in the forest area of Ireland must be entered by way of the gate even on a beautiful autumn day like this one.

Underground dwelling o/t Tuatha d Danaan or- "Children f Danu", mythological mother goddess o/t Irish Celts. Fairy folk like Leprechauns inhabit these places, particularly under th burial aka fairy mounds

The leaves of fall are filling my yard. I love the fall smells of burning leaves, cinnamon, pumpkin flavored coffee. The snug feeling of my favorite fleece. I love the fall.

Gömülü resim için kalıcı bağlantı

Angelo ♈ on

Fairy Glen, Conwy, North Wales photo by tony. I put this on my yard fairy board, NOT eye candy, for obvious reasons.it's FAIRY GLEN.

Beautiful Picture

✯ Sunset on Key West Beach.The most Beautimus breathtaking sunset Ive ever seen in person was In KEY WEST!

Fuchsia Reflections...

'Garnet Glow' Sunset above the Sandy River, Mount Hood, Oregon. The sunset was affected by the smoke in the sky from the Central Oregon forest fires -photo by Gary Randall