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Raindrops on a flower

Raindrops on a flower

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How to paint a rose with watercolor - Jay Art JayLee is a specialized watercolor artist. JayArt's videos are showing how to paint creative arts with watercol.

[LVL5] Wet on wet Watercolor Painting Technique. Link download: http://www.getlinkyoutube.com/watch?v=LL2RI5THPNk

Download video: [LVL5] Wet on wet Watercolor Painting Technique

Pink Roses in Watercolour by Trevor Waugh. I love loose watercolor roses!

Pink Roses painted in watercolours. Trevor paints freely with the watercolours and fashions 2 large pink Roses with a loose background. Accompanied by music written and performed by Trevor.

Watercolor Tutorial - I have always wanted to know how to paint in watercolors - and have a nice completed project!

Are you all as excited as I am for part 2 of Yao’s amazing Watercolor Tutorial series! If you need to catch up check out Watercolor Tutorial pt Basics & Supplies! Now take it away Yao!