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Phalaenopsis (Moth) Orchid    Phalaenopsis(phals) orchids are probably the most popular pot plant orchid in the world today. Most phalaenopsis are from south-east Asia where they thrive in tropical humid conditions. There are hundred  of phalaenopsis hybrids   including intergeneric hybrids such as Doritaenopsis and  Asconopsis.    Phalaenopsis orchids are well suited to our homes because they generally like the same conditions we do. This makes them an excellent choice for the first time…

Phalaenopsis (Moth) Orchid Phalaenopsis(phals) orchids are probably the most popular pot plant orchid in the world today.

Подкормка растения проводится раз в неделю удобрением для клубнелуковичных, раствором борной кислоты или настоем коровяка с добавлением азотистого калия или суперфосфата. Она будет стимулировать выход более качественных последующих цветоносов и продолжительное цветение. Идеальное месторасположение Зантедескии — подоконник с рассеянным светом. Раз в неделю горшок с растением нужно поворачивать в сторону света для равномерного освещения листьев. Пересадка проводится через 5-6 лет.

Zantedeschia 'Picasso' (Arum lily 'Picasso') Click image to learn more, add to your lists and get care advice reminders each month.

Birds of Paradise_Strelitzia #madeira #secretmadeira Photo by Odeveld_Love Them!

Birds of Paradise_Strelitzia Photo by Odeveld_Love Them!

Jardines coloridos | Cuidar de tus plantas es facilisimo.com

El colorido de estos jardines me deja boquiabierto

Everything beautiful.a place to escape. A place where dreams come true. This is everything i dream of.all the beauty all the time ~All photographs & media published here belong to their respective owners.



Pink hydrangeas and hostas... gorgeous

hostas and hydrangeas.my favorite flower and plant together. I bet the purple hydrangeas would be gorgeous in my front yard

Ornamental Cabbage

Kale 'Crane Red' ornamental cabbage as long as it doesnt smell

Add privacy and structure to your garden with one of our stylish and practical fence ideas.

These lattice panels create privacy in the garden while serving as a sturdy trellis for climbing roses. Simply tie the roses to the panels with twist ties. Arched panel tops and finials on support posts provide attractive finishing touches.

Passiflora incarnata Maypop Vine purple passion by SmartSeeds

Passiflora incarnata, aka: purple passionflower or maypop will tolerate the winters southeast of Northeastern OK gardeners should bring them in for the winter.

Pared de plantas

Modern and eco friendly Green wall design ideas include space saving decorative vertical displays, created with outdoor and indoor plants, and vertical gardens which offer great space saving solutions for growing vegetables and edible herbs