Je passe des heures sur Pinterest qui est une grande source d’inspiration pour moi. Mes envies changent au fil des mois, des années… J’ai voulu simplement montrer les tendances qui me parlent en ce moment. Un brin de minimalisme, de la pureté, du naturel, des typographies sobres, des ambiances épurées, des éléments bruts, de la modernité… Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur mes inspirations : Pinterest.

Inspirations Pinterest

The Lowcountry Field Fest is an annual event designed to bring awareness to  the importance of supporting Charleston area farmers and independent  businesses. For one night, guests are treated to family-style supper  sourced from local ingredients and farm-fresh produce. This year's   featured chef is Kevin Johnson of The Grocery who also provided canned  goods for the invitation. Stitch Design Co. created a design that perfectly  marries functional and delicious by providing relevant…

Lowcountry Field Feast Invitation

stickers are a great way to customize/personalize/brandalize

I am consistently impressed with the work that comes from Charleston, SC based Stitch Design Co. This is an identity project they developed for Garnish & Gather. Garnish & Gather is a new company out.

Lumojo Honey via Minimalissimo by Alt Group curated by Packaging Diva PD.

Lumojo Honey

Lumojo Honey via Minimalissimo by Alt Group curated by Packaging Diva PD. each element has been thoroughly and thoughtfully considered, typography, precise labelling, and packaging details, are inspired by the hexagonal shape of the honey panels.

Krasnogorie - Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery -


Krasnogorie (Red Mountains) is a Ural brand of meat delicacies and sausages from the Chelyabinsk meat processing plant.