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How to Work At Home As A Graphic Designer. Great tips and resource list full of different websites to learn about Graphic Design

This "how to" article represents that Adelaide is a graphic designer. Her annual salary is a year because she is only in entry level of experience. She gets free eye tests and dental cleanings once a year for work benefits.

I feel like this is what my mom would do...if she was better at English

It's hard being a young 26 year old in today's world, but as Kate Siegel found out it's even harder when you have a crazy Jewish mother. Kate's mom loves her -

I Am Clumsy.  The Floor Doesn't Hate Me And The Chairs Are Not Bullies.  However, The Wall Does Get In The Way!!

Funny pictures about I'm not clumsy. Oh, and cool pics about I'm not clumsy. Also, I'm not clumsy.

Land of the Free-Because of the Brave! via Military Avenue on #MilitaryMonday

LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE - Let us therefore remain diligent to pray without ceasing for our troops here in the USA and especially our troops who are dispersed throughout the world" God Bless You!



"May your marinara sauce never cling to your pasta!" The worst thing you can say to a fellow Italian. Oh, Golden Girls :) A true Italian would say "I hope your GRAVY doesn't stick to your MACARONI!

Mascara Thesis

Mascara is the best! A little make-up never hurts, at least some mascara and lipstick!

I thought it was some jerk jacked a guys shoes and threw them up there to ruin the other guys day. Like on "like mike"

For the longest time I thought shoes on a telephone wire was just people getting rid of their old shoes in a cool way. No it means that someone sells drugs nearby. My life is a lie. I wonder if this is true


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Even a low budget one...

Maybe not star in one. but I do want to act in a movie before I die. More than an extra, but don't want to become a "movie star" either. One maybe two indie films :)

No matter how good your heart is ,eventually you have to start treating people…


I Can Relate

I'm going to start a "mom text message" board. Problem is, my mom doesn't know how to text.