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Oscar - Memorized by a ball.

Oscar - Memorized by a ball.

Labrador Retriever. That's one good looking dog

Labrador Retriever Portrait in Snow


Sophie photographie les minois désemparés de chiens à la sortie de leur bain…

Photographer Sophie Gamand provides a fresh look at bath time with her Wet Dogs Project photo series which won in the Sony World Photography Awards

does this look familiar or what?!

Springer spaniel dogs eating an ice cream sequence. We love Frosty Paws!

Oscar - Memorized by a ball.

Oscar - Memorized by a ball.

Goldendoodle vs. Labradoodle: It's Truly All About Preference ...

Goldendoodle vs. Labradoodle: It’s Truly All About Preference

Our Girls - Classic Kimberlenes Labradoodles.The Labradoodle on the far right is a dead ringer for my dog Basil

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Origin: Canada Colors: Solid black, yellow, chocolate Size: Large Type of Owner: Novice Exercise: Regular Grooming: Little Trainability: Easy to train Combativeness: Not dog-aggressive Dominance: Moderate Noise: Average barker