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Big Data vulnerable

Big Data Could be Reason for Large-Scale Nation State Attacks.Sophisticated analytics single out vulnerable individuals to spies, says Context

Chrome y Firefox actualizan sus políticas de seguridad SSL

A flaw in the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol can allow man-in-the-middle attackers to access apparently encrypted communications, researchers have warned.


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Woolworths data breach

Woolworths data breach

Botnets linked to breaches

Data breaches that result in the loss of large volumes of information continue to make the headlines. One of the ways companies can guard against attack is by understanding what makes them vulnerable.

Still Vulnerable To Heartbleed

Largest companies on Earth might have patched, but haven`t done their due diligence with revoking and issuing new certificates, says Venafi.

62 Million users at risk

Insecure Direct Object Reference - It gets the information only based on the `browser_id` parameter passed in a HTTP GET request and fails to verify the user is authorized to access the requested data

Lionytics data generator -  Processing screen

Automatically generate realistic test data with Lionytics

Auburn University data breach

The personal information of hundreds of thousands of current, former and prospective Auburn University students may be at risk.