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Robohub on Twitter: "Envisioning the future of robotics https://t.co/H2dZVzzdoZ https://t.co/nK6CzBf4nA"

In this video, Vin Armani explains how the EU is giving autonomous robots "electronic personhood" legal status with rights and obligations.

HUD Elements Mega Pack on Behance

Buy HUD Elements Mega Pack by BRODZELi on VideoHive. All HUD Elements have in and out animations Color controllers + ( Black and White ) 18 Categories No plugins requ.

Famous robots. Ahhhh the second one! Cyberman!

Famous robots

Irobot How would you describe this? Irobot Phytosaur cool-famous-robots-Wall-EJesus LaraRobot Characters on Behance Robot process by InkRation @ https


bioscans allow medical professionals to accurately diagnose conditions without ever even having seen their patients--although this is not recommended by most doctors.

Toyota Kirobo Mini Robotic Will Value £300

Toyota Kirobo Mini Robotic Will Value


Based in Kiev, Ociacia has worked with the like of Intel, Republic of Games, Zoho and Pepsi before.

Amost Android, Ivan Santic on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/amost-android

Almost Android, humanoid robot design, robot art, artificial intelligence, robotic body

Autodesk generative design uses 3D printing and AI algorithms to maximize efficiencies in product design   http://www.3ders.org/articles/20161018-autodesks-generative-design-uses-3d-printing-and-ai-algorithms-to-maximize-efficiencies-in-product-design.html

Autodesk's generative design uses printing and AI algorithms to maximize efficiencies in product design

RoboBee microrobot  is a millimeter-sized bot can both swim in water and fly through the air. The RoboBee is embedded with an electrolytic plate that turns the water on the bot into hydrogen and oxygen, and it then burns those elements as fuel.

Hybrid Air-Water Robots

New RoboBee flies, dives, swims, and explodes out the of water