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Some moments are just priceless

His father, Marine LCPL Carpenter, gave his life defending our country in Afghanistan earlier this year, a month before his son was born. Baby Landon's Mom wants his story to be known. Take a moment to reflect on the price of freedom.

This is Caine...

OH LAWD these gave me a major case of the feels! I know a lot of these stories and pics are already going around, but if anything, check out Caine's Arcade. Not only is faith in humanity restores, but the kid is a freaking genius!

jrc18usafwife:    waitingformyotherhalf:    Saw this on my Facebook newsfeed I started crying     my heart just broke :’(  (Source: tomorrow-iwillbestronger, via battosai1)

"Please meet Landon. his dad Marine LCPL Carpenter made the ultimate sacrifice while serving with the in Afghanistan earlier this year. Never forget the price of freedom." This made me cry :(

Some More Reason To Have Faith In Humanity...

Some More Reason To Have Faith In Humanity. A Japanese GIRL'S metal band called BABYMETAL. They are amazing and provide a very positive message to girls. It is so heart warming.

An Ark That Went A Long Way.. what a beautiful soul!

An ARK that went a long way.and this is why I love Ellen so much! rewarding people for their ARK

Faith In Humanity #75

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These stories brought tears to my eyes, people like this will save our world.

BJ did this for a few special people in our lives. He bought flags, flew them in Afghanistan over the FOB and gave certificates with coins. Not just any civilian gets a coin. It's a huge honor!

Funny pictures about Amazing gift from a soldier. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing gift from a soldier. Also, Amazing gift from a soldier.

Russian Cross Country Skier Breaks Ski, Canadian Coach Helps Him Finish The Race

Russian Cross Country Skier Breaks Ski, Canadian Coach Helps Him Finish The Race

Canadians really are that nice . Russian Cross Country Skier Breaks Ski, Canadian Coach Helps Him Finish The Race

Faith in hunanity

Photographer Realizes the Dream of a Child Who Lives in a Wheelchair Faith In Humanity Restored******oh what a sweet idea for Emily

Truly Touching Story (Click for more photos and details.)

WATCH: Dad Given Months To Live Surprises Daughters

After finding out he had only months to live, an amazing dad gives his two daughters the greatest gift. This is just amazing every dad should do this to their daughters.

We should NEVER take anything for granted.  We need to stop complaining about what we need to do, because I can tell you this much, Military life is a hundred times harder than civilian life.  God bless!!!


remember what they've been through. While we sit here and argue about the simple things our soldiers are being asked to walk though Hell with a smile. God bless our troops past and present.

Bless this soldier & his family. God Bless them all

A military father holding his newborn daughter for the first time. I can't even stand it, it's so precious!

This is just unbelievable


A soldier in Iraq asked his wife to send him dirt (U. soil), fertilizer, and some grass seed. When the men of the squadron have a mission, they take turns walking through the grass and the American soil to bring them good luck.

Cried again, like a baby!!!!

Faith In Humanity