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Love in truth doesn't need any other adjectives it doesn't require modifiers it doesn't require the condition of perfection it only asks that you show up and do your best

Dear human, you've got it all wrong. You didn't come here to master unconditional love, you came here to learn personal love.

shadow-writer: Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Girl from the Sea Duly....

shadow-writer: Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Girl from the Sea Duly.... (by haley.)

For me "and I'm not even 30 yet!" Cuz just turned 26, but still it's crazy!

now I feel old. I wish there weren't so many spelling errors in this :(



The closeness I have with my children and darling Grand Daughter, Amelia, is something I treasure more than anything!

'The Best Part of Life is When Your Family Become Your Friends, and Your Friends Become Your Family', Robin Roberts Quote. The whole of Humanity is One Family.

inspirationwordslove: i want to feel ali inspiration positive words

I feel like this! Just please make an insert about how I want to let God control things. I feel like if I control the fact that God is in control everything will be all right. I want to have a relationship that is unfathomably deep.

People reunited

Why reunions are so special. It's the end of missing someone. Why saying goodbye is so hard. Because its the start of missing someone.

One tree hill

"So I've been thinking about this whole being happy thing, and I feel like people get lost when they think of happiness as a destination." -One Tree Hill

All she needs is some me time

Sometimes, you just need a break, in a beautiful place, alone to figure everything out. And that would be the beach for me.

Okay I'm a female and my eyes just got opened by this...

"I'm fine" I say that shit everyday because even when I am pissed or mad in the moment, my life could be a whole lot worse so I always reply with "I'm fine". don't care about your problems and are glad you have them.

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