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I had to explain this to my husband when he met my Italian family. The look on his face was priceless.

this is COMPLETELY TRUE. """y is your dad yelling at everyone? he's just talking and passionate about it"" lol.

I hear this every time I am making riceballs with the 'crew'.

I hate when you go to an Italian restaurant and they hand grate the cheese. It's never enough but you feel guilty telling them keep going!

I wonder why this is? Where are all high strung!

growing up I was constantly surrounded by cousins, Aunts, uncle, and grandma. I didn't know what the term "extended family" meant until moved t

So grateful I grew in this style.... Italian holiday or just a plain ole Sunday...yes, that's the way it's done!

An Italian Thanksgiving

Have you ever given up a long-held family food tradition? Years ago I gave up Italian Sunday Gravy, which is basically manna for Italian Americans.