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You and me, meant to be

You and me, meant to be



hehehhehehe. YESSSSS❤️❤️❤️❤️

You are the guy all my love quotes are about love love quotes quotes quote girl guy girl quotes love picture quotes love sayings love quotes and sayings Every single one babe.

Only you

Oh my beautiful amazingly wonderful awesome sweetheart, my love of my life, my eternal soul mate, my true companion, my EVERYTHING

I love u @Miriam Suzy Rodriguez KEEP IT REAL DONT I TELL U I LOVE U EVERYDAY

Goodnight babe, i love you. babee i love you no matter what we go through nothing is ever gonna change that ever. you have my heart and i never want that to change (:

In love with you

I will love you always and forever. Sweatheart you are the love of my life. We share a love of a lifetime. No matter how far away, or how long we are away from each other, your always in my mind heart and soul. Miss you and love you baby. All my love,

I hope u know that i have dreams about you EVERY NIGHT and there is NEVER a moment i don't think about you!

You never leave my mind. Even when i have a million things to worry about. I make time for you everytime. I wish you would do the same. Oh god I miss you.