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2012happiness:  The thing you look at does not change, but the way you look, think and feel about it can change. You can have peace if you let your mind to think about it and not be affected by the outside experience.

Choose and direct yourself to be peaceful inside regardless of what's happening outside. Attitude is a choice.

How does this look?  This "feeding?"  Unhealthy comparison of our work to another woman, not taking risks to stay "safe", not investing in ourselves.  Feeding the possibilities will always have a more expansive return for you.  | Notes by tamishaford.com

Don't feed the fears. Over come the hunger that your fear feeds off of. Have faith and get over the fears. ~ He who is with me will always be greater than my fears~

When your soul is at peace you conquer them all...

Good advice for life. Those who tried to break you are expecting you to be in fight mode. Conquer them with your peace - Thema Davis

Control what you can - your reactions..

The storm will pass. The storm will pass. I need it to pass. I need to sleep.

♡ Not to be ignorant, but to be choosy about what you allow to affect you.

"Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace" Robert J Sawyer My Mother practiced this , she lived to ninety ~

Even in the most peaceful surroundings, the angry heart finds quarrel....

Even the most peaceful surroundings, the angry heart finds quarrel. Even in the most quarrelsome surroundings, the grateful heart finds peace.


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