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"The Dryad's Touch" 18k green gold art nouveau flute.

"The Dryad's Touch" green gold art nouveau flute. This is the most gorgeous flute I have ever seen!

Flute players, do you hate those kind of composers? - musiciansare.com

except flutes need the most air to play.<<< my flute takes more air than my bassoon does.<< k so im a bassoonist bit i see the pain for the flutes omg im sorry

Music Problems ~ or also when people ask you a question while you're playing, and it's one you have to really think about...and your playing starts to slowww downnn (especially if you were totally improvving, hmm), and you get the head-cocked confused look on your face...lol!

And when the band director makes us start playing right after something totally hilarious happens

Spirit Of Destiny Through Music: Spirit Of Radio. Music Be The Universal Language And Lov Be The Key.

Quotes for musicians! A selection of 26 beautiful and inspiring quotes about music! A great asset to a music classroom!

It's not that I hate pop/modern music or anything, it's just... kinda boring. From a music standpoint, anyway.

I hate pop music. Although, I do not read sheet music. My family is all mainly self-taught